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Email List Building
Must have an enticing offer
 Also known as your lead magnet, this is your bait which will attract leads to you as long as it is something of perceived value.
That`s why we are creating the Ebook, which will be your giveaway to those that share their contact information with you.
The Follow up
 Once these leads share their contact information with you, now you must follow up with them immediately with an email to deliver what you promised and this is where your email autoresponder kicks in and delivers your lead magnet (ebook) to the email address that they provided.
Build and Nurture Your List
Once the initial email is delivered, now it`s time to start building your relationship by sharing more information about yourself and what is your objective and how you can help your leads get the results that they are looking for.
When you become the person that can be counted on to deliver knowledge and wisdom, you will become the person that your entire list will want to buy from.
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